Every developer needs a blog

I just watched a Scott Hanselman Hanselminutes video on Channel 9 about Social Networking for Developers – Every Developer Needs a Blog.

I won’t go into detail about it, but it’s recommended viewing, especially for new developers or techies like me who are returning back to developing.  Scott has made me think that I need to turn my journal into more of a technical blog, which I now will start to do once I return back to London and begin to examine ASP.NET 4.  I’ll still blog about life, but hopefully my technical posts will take over.  Time will tell if that is the case.  Maybe I’ll just get bored of posting about programming and give up?

I’ve also taken his advice and have picked a name for all my social networking post, comments, etc – currently I have around four different names, a legacy of when I use to develop, to past blogging endeavours.  I opted for the name I currently use the most which of course is TeaDrinkingGeek.  This means I’ve had to create a new email address and new accounts on a few forums/StackOverflow under that name.

Thanks again to Scott for the useful video!