Visual Studio 2010 Professional error: Designer view not showing

This week, I started the journey of learning ASP.NET 4 with C#.  Unfortunately when I opened Visual Studio 2010 Professional (VS 2010), the designer button was not showing, and the option on the View menu produced the following error:

There is no editor available for ‘c:\user\teadrinkinggeek\documents\visual studio 2010\websites\website2\About.aspx’.

Make sure the application for the file type (.aspx) is installed.

I decided to perform a repair, thinking it would solve the problem.  Instead, the above error was replaced with another error:

The Visual Studio HTM Editor Package did not load correctly.

the problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extension.
You can get more information by running the application together with the /log parameter on the command line, and then examining
the file c:\users\teadrinkinggeek\appdata\roaming\microsoft\visualstudio\10.0\activitylog.xml

I made a ‘painful’ decision to uninstall all things related to VS 2010, and reinstall from scratch.  After 6 hours of troubleshooting, reinstalling VS 2010 again, it worked.

Note: I initially run Visual Web Developer side-by-side with VS 2010.  I uninstalled that package too.  Maybe the two packages caused the problem?  However I spoke to one developer on Twitter, he said he had no problem with both packages working side-by-side.  Maybe it was the way I initially installed them.

If you have the same problem, please backup your work, projects etc, before you uninstall, otherwise you might run into more problems.

One Response to Visual Studio 2010 Professional error: Designer view not showing

  1. rudraksha says:

    Uninstall visual studio beta versions. then make a clean installation.

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