Back to the beginning (sort of)

The last time I coded an advanced GridView, which was once called Datagrid, was in 2005.

So I’m picking up GridView, and I realise that I’ve forgotten alot more than I first thought.
For instance, in this current project I’m working on, I have two tables with the following:

table 1
sid, schedule, stime, splace, stourid

table 2
tourid, tourname

Basically I wanted to display table 1 in a GridView, but with field stourid I want tourname from table 2 to be displayed instead of stourid.

I forgot that I could join up the two tables using a join, and just display the columns that I wanted in the GridView. Shock! Horror!
Only when I was told this on a forum, the memories of doing it before flooded back. Damn, it hits your self esteem.

Still it’s been many years, I should have kept using the skills, then I wouldn’t have lost it.

I’m going to come across many more situations like this over the coming months.