Make Dropbox sync from another folder automatically

A follow-up post to VisualSVN, SyncToy and Dropbox, How you can remove the SyncToy option and make Dropbox think your project root is a subfolder so it syncs it automatically.

Here are the instructions to make it work. 

Thanks to @developerluke for the tip.

VisualSVN, SyncToy and Dropbox

This week I’ve been working on how to implement source control with Visual Studio.  Also I looked at a backup solution for my code incase my hard drive failed or my laptop decided to call it a day.

I first looked into source control.  I decided to opt for VisualSVN Server and VisualSVN for Visual Studio 2010.  The thing I like about it was the setup was really easy to do.  Once installed, uou just need to create your repository on the server, and connect your project to it inside Visual Studio.  While the server part is costs nothing, Visual SVN is $49 after the 30 day trial period finishes.

Here is a useful demo on how to setup VisualSVN.


I then looked at how to backup my code to a remote storage.  I don’t any servers at home, so I looked at a remote solution.  After digging around, I found Dropbox.  I then needed to synch different files and folders to my Dropbox folder.  I found a tool from Microsoft called SyncToy.  Both these tool were set up in minutes.

Now when I needed to backup my code, I would first load up SyncToy, and run the sync, copying all my code to the Dropbox folder.  Dropbox then would automatically copy it remotely to their server.  With 2GB of free space for the free account, it’s a great tool.


Other solutions I looked at was Git and Github.  The set up is a bit more complicated, and also you would have to pay for private repositories.  As a standalone developer with just one laptop, the solution above works very well.